LEO Pharma rethinks business to deliver better care to patients

25 October, Ballerup, Denmark – Today, LEO Pharma announces the next step on its journey to becoming a truly global and patient-centric organisation. The move, which involves adopting a more innovative and focused approach, aims to increase global competitiveness and help more patients worldwide achieve better treatment outcomes.

LEO Pharma is rethinking business models and refocusing investments in order to achieve the ambitious goal of helping 20 million people worldwide achieve healthy skin by 2015. The new approach aims to support more patients in achieving better health outcomes and adapt to changes in European pharma markets, characterised by price pressure, healthcare budget cuts and growing patient and payer power.

“To deliver more value to more patients worldwide, we must rethink the way we work. That’s why LEO Pharma is taking a more innovative and focused approach. By going beyond products to provide care solutions, we can support people in achieving better treatment outcomes. This isn’t just important for patients, but also for payers, who rightfully demand added value from our industry,” says LEO Pharma President and CEO Gitte P. Aabo.

Rethinking growth
Currently, LEO Pharma is rolling out its patient support activities, QualityCare™, in markets around the world. QualityCare™ provides support, guidance and motivation for people with skin diseases through a multi-disciplinary, personalised approach.

LEO Pharma is also supporting psoriasis patients in the UK through Integrated Care Clinics. Patients attending clinics, sponsored by LEO, benefit from a multi-disciplinary, integrated approach that aims to secure better treatment outcomes.

Furthermore, LEO Pharma will also invest in new business models in a departure from a “one-size-fits-all” to a tailored, market-specific approach. For example, the company is currently developing an initiative in Europe that delivers LEO Pharma treatment solutions directly to patients’ homes, as well as piloting an e-pharmacy initiative in China that enables patients to request medication online.

Reprioritising resources
In order to align the organisation with the new approach, LEO Pharma expects to reduce its workforce by approximately 300 positions over the next year, primarily in Europe. This figure includes plans to outsource some functions.

“Our growth strategy is succeeding. We are still investing heavily in the future. We con-tinue our investments in R&D and we will increase our focus on in-licensing and acquisi-tions to ensure that we can deliver better care to more patients worldwide,” says Gitte P. Aabo.

“But to secure long-term growth, LEO Pharma must adapt to challenges and opportunities in the marketplace. This is not a cost-cutting exercise, but rather a necessary step in order to maximise our growth potential by developing new business models and strengthen our competitiveness. However, I fully acknowledge the impact of these organisational changes on the employees concerned.”

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